The project

La Comunidade de Montes en Man Común of Vincios is an institution in charge of the common land management in the parish and the promoter of the project Cartografías Sensibles.

The main characteristic of Galician communal hills lies in the role of the property: the residents are the owners of the hill as a collective. When you establish the residence in the parish, you become the hill’s co-owner; when you leave it, in that moment you cease to be a co-owner. The characteristics as being inalienable and indivisible guarantee that this type of property will survive.

Opportunity from the necessity

Cartografías Sensibles emerges from the necessity to show the work of residents who have been promoting multifuncionality of place, infinity of productive, environmental and leisure possibilities for years. Vincios and the Serra do Galiñeiro are remarkable places where extraction of natural resources coexists with the passion for the nature in all the aspects.

The project bases in this philosophy: only by knowing a place can you ever love it and therefore, respect and protect it. By making a territory widely known we also add value, raise the consciousness and the people living in its environment become more aware.


La Comunidad de Montes has created a tool that allows to demonstrate the natural, landscape, heritage, cultural, identity and social value of Vincios and the Serra do Galiñeiro, paying special attention to offer an innovative and attractive format.

How? The web page offers us a virtual walk around the wealthy and complex territory with a help of maps full of information: stories, testimonies, music, legends, toponyms, trades, mills, bridges, leisure time activities and places that no longer exist but they are still present in the memory of our grandfathers…

Cartografías Sensibles: facts and figures

During 3 months, team responsible for the supply of documentary evidence has elaborated a virtual catalogue for a map containing 200 geolocations:
368 photographs
109 microtoponyms
22 videos
180 minutes of interviews
329 km of tracks and routes
38 hectares of projects launched by A Comunidade de Montes de Vincios

… and an incalculable number of texts raising the awareness and preserving the knowledge of different generations of residents involved in this project…

How was the goal achieved? With the generous help from historians, speleologists, naturalists, mountaineers, biologists, engineers, quarry workers, shepherds, farmers, musicians and an endless number of residents who share one wish: to share their knowledge and protect the environment.