The promoters

1-logo-vincios La Comunidad de Montes in the Common Man Vincios es el agency that manages it communal lot of the parish of Vincios in Addiction Gallego de Gondomar.

The main feature of them Gallegos communal forests it lives in nature su property: los vecinos them are dueños del monte collective sin as he can sign the territory be divided into individual properties. This type of property is directly linked to the parish. Cuando someone establishes in ella becomes co-owner, de la Manera mismo cuando that moves su otro residence to place of deja serlo. The characteristics imprescriptible, inalienable and indivisible guarantees the survival of el tiempo these properties.

Both the defense of it natural, archaeological, ethnographic, cultural identity and how he utilization of resources is the aim of the Community Forest, managed by a team manager character asambleario Cuale can sign it and be part of it Cualquiera neighboring parish.

La Comunidad de Montes de Vincios lleva years promoting the multifunctionality of a living space with endless possibilities both the environmental and productive leisure. A special place it in the living collection of resources with natural wool passion for nature in all her forms sus and activities, as well as the preservation of traditions, values Naturales y del cultural heritage.